Keto 5-Day Egg Fast – DAY 5

Finally! The last day of the keto 5-day egg fast! I can’t begin to tell you how ready I am to move on to foods other than eggs, fats, and cheeses!

In addition, to being completely ready to just be done with the egg fast, today brought on a couple of other challenges.

First, I made Keto Friendly Oreo Cookies for my husband for Father’s Day weekend…without licking a spoon! Then, my sister-in-law was hosting a gathering at her house, and she always has the yummiest food set out! Temptations abound!

But I made it through the day!

The scale chose to stay the same this morning. After two days in a row over over-indulging on cheese, I am actually very happy with that!

Keto 5-Day Egg Fast Weigh In

Starting Weight: 147.8
After Day 1: 146.4
After Day 2: 145.8
After Day 3: 145.0
After Day 4: 145.0

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As I was lying in bed this morning, I had the most BRILLIANT idea for breakfast. What if I mixed my morning coffee with an Egg Fast Shake?

I knew this would be the most EPIC idea I’d had all week, OR, I was about to waste two cups of coffee. The risk seemed worth it to add to my arsenal of keto egg fast recipes.

Let’s just say, I wish I had thought of this earlier in the week because it was amazing!! It tasted like a Vanilla Frappuccino! This drink will be made again and again long after the keto 5-day egg fast is done.

If you are a fan of the Vanilla Frappuccino, I highly recommend trying this drink! It can double as your breakfast too!


2 cups cold coffee
1 squirt of vanilla crème stevia
2 raw eggs
2 oz cream cheese
2 tbsp coconut oil (melted)

Mix in blender.

Keto 5-Day Egg Fast Vanilla Frappuccino

Total for breakfast: 2 Eggs, 2 Fats, 2 Cheese


Since I had the “vanilla frappe” for breakfast, I ended up with one serving of pancakes left in the refrigerator. If you can have breakfast for dinner, why not for lunch too?

This is another one of those recipes that I will eat often even post-egg fast. I don’t like them quite as much as an almond-based pancake, but it a very satisfying alternative when I’m trying to keep the carbs count ultra-low.

Keto 5-Day Egg Fast Lunch

Total for lunch: 2 eggs, 2 fat, 2 Cheese


The final meal of my keto 5-day egg fast! I decided to keep this one simple and end the fast with basic eggs, scrambled in butter, and topped with an ounce of cheddar cheese.

Keto 5-Day Egg Fast Dinner

Total for dinner: 2 eggs, 1 fat, 1 cheese

Totals for the Day

6 eggs, 5 fats, 5 cheeses

Day 5 was by far my lightest egg and fat day, and I even managed to lower my cheese intake from the previous two days.

Breakfast was my favorite meal of the day because I discovered a new breakfast treat that I will probably enjoy on a semi-regular basis going forward.

Tomorrow I will post a wrap up of the entire 5-Day Egg Fast, detailing my final thoughts, whether I plan to do another egg fast soon, and final weight loss totals.

I will let you know how things went a few days post-egg fast and whether the weight stayed off, especially since I won’t have a proper transition back on to keto due to traveling.

You can also follow my Keto 5-Day Egg Fast progress on my YouTube channel, so don’t forget to subscribe to Healthy Ambitions on YouTube!

Have you recently done or are you considering doing an egg fast? Comment below and let me know! I am happy to answer any questions you may have?

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Happy Fasting!

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