5-Day Egg Fast on Keto– DAY 1

My son is at camp this week, which makes this the PERFECT week to do an egg fast on keto. After getting my husband set up with his lunch to take to work, and dinners for the week, I only have myself to feed.

Day 1 went surprisingly well! I was expecting to be hungrier than I was, but I have felt satiated all day. Of course, I went into this week planning to consume around 9 eggs per day, and not try to consume only the minimum of 6 eggs.

I’m hoping to keep the first couple of days super simple with egg fast recipes (keto-friendly) and save the tasty meals for later in the week when I’m sick and tired of eggs.

I weighed myself when I first woke up this morning to get the baseline!

Egg Fast on Keto Starting Weight

Starting Weight: 147.8

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Breakfast consisted of Egg Coffee and Scrambled Eggs. Doesn’t get much simpler than that, huh? The slightly tricky part is that I really like iced coffee, but the fats in an Egg Coffee don’t like to mix well with the cold coffee.

Thankfully, the raw egg in my coffee remedies this somewhat. As long as the butter and coconut oil is already melted, I can slowly pour the fats into my coffee and egg while it’s blending, and the fats to not re-solidify leaving chunks in the coffee…blech!

2 Eggs scrambled in 1 Tbsp Butter
Coffee with 1 Egg, 1 Tbsp Butter, and 1 Tbsp Coconut Oil

Egg Fast on Keto Breakfast

Total for breakfast: 3 Eggs, 3 Fats, 0 Cheese


For lunch, I went with the tried and true deviled egg! I love them, they are tasty, and I could probably eat them every day. However, my hang-up with making deviled eggs is having to peel the dang eggs!

I have tried every stinking method under the sun to successfully peel a hard-boiled egg.  Out of 16 eggs, exactly 6 of them peeled halfway decently, but only 1 single egg was flawless.

If you have any tips for peeling eggs, PLEASE COMMENT BELOW! Seriously, I need help!

I made the filling with homemade avocado mayo and ate a total of 6 Devilled Egg halves.

Egg Fast on Keto Lunch

Total for lunch: 3 eggs, 3 fats, 0 Cheese


I tried something new for dinner. I’ve seen lots of people talk about frying a hard-boiled egg in the skillet in butter. In my previous keto egg fast diet (about a year ago), I never tried it.

So, I thought now was as good a time as any. Saving half of the hard-boiled eggs, the ones that looked the ugliest after my hack-job of a peel, just for this dish, I fried up 6 egg halves in butter.

I’ll just cut to the chase and say; I was not a fan! This will not be an egg-fast recipe keto repeat dish for me. The rest of the ugly hard-boiled eggs will be made into deviled eggs. They won’t be as nice and pretty as the others, but I will still love them!

Egg Fast on Keto Dinner

Total for lunch: 3 eggs, 3 fats, 0 Cheese

Snacks and Stats

I didn’t feel the need to snack on anything between meals and as I said before, felt satiated all day. I was proud of myself for not indulging in even the tiniest bit of cheese!

After dinner, I did justify chewing a piece of sugar-free gum to get the taste of the fried hard-boiled eggs out of my mouth.

I’m hoping to keep it simple again tomorrow, for at least one more day!

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Happy Fasting!


  1. Instant Pot your eggs! Only way I do it now, shell falls right off. I do 5-5-5 (cook 5 min, slow release for 5, 5 min in ice bath)

  2. If you put a tbl. spoon of baking soda in the water WHILE the eggs are boiling this helps them to peel easier. After cracking them put the egg in your palms and softly roll it , sometimes the peel will come off in one piece.

  3. Egg cooker from amazon. Perfect peel every time. I avoided boiled eggs until a coworker told me about this amazing kitchen helper. We now enjoy many boiled egg recipes.

  4. Air fryer eggs for hard boil! 15 mins at 250 degrees let sit with fryer open until eggs are cooler to touch and put in fridge to cool!

  5. The method I use works the best for me. A single layer of eggs in the bottom of a pot cover with water add salt and bring to a rolling boil lower the heat and cover for about 5 minutes (give or take depending on how done you like the yolks) and immediately place in a large bowl of ice water. Placing them in the ice bath stops the cooking process and prevents over cooking, that ugly green tint and sometimes the overpowering smell they can have of sulphur.

    Note: the salt helps pull the membrane from the shell. Also keep in mind the fresher the egg the harder it is sometimes to get the shells to peel. Hope this helps.

  6. I steam my eggs in the basket of my aroma cooker for 12 minutes, then put them in an ice bath for 5 minutes. Peal comes right off!

  7. Best way to peel them…. Get an egg maker (Amazon),
    Poke a hole in the top off them with the needles thing it comes with. When done put in water with ice and shake the bowl. In a few minutes the shells will peel/slide right off. 🙂

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