Gluten-Free Provencal Tomato Tart Recipe

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This Gluten-Free Provencal Tomato Tart is a delicious way to enjoy your fresh garden tomatoes with an herb-seasoned filling enclosed in a crispy tart.

I am super-excited to share with you my very first guest post on Healthy Ambitions. The author and creator of the following recipe is very near and dear to my heart.

My sister-in-law, Shannon Dean, has been known to work some black magic in the kitchen and her latest recipe, Gluten-Free Provencal Tomato Tart is no exception! I seriously wonder why she isn’t the food blogger instead of me, lol.

While she is not on the keto diet, she has always been one of my biggest fans when it comes to creating new recipes and she is always up for trying my latest dish!

I first introduced Shannon to the amazing fathead dough when we moved to Tennessee two years ago. She was super impressed and loved it so much, she started using variations of the recipe from time to time in her own kitchen.

This recipe is her latest recipe using a variation of Fat Head Dough. Enjoy!

Tomato Tart Recipe Vertical

The following words and images brought to you by, Shannon Dean

It Starts with Fresh Garden Tomatoes

It’s summer and if you have a garden you know tomatoes are peaking during this time. We find ourselves with more than we can cook and that led me to find a new use for our lovely variety of tomatoes.

Tomato Tart Recipe Vegetable Variety

For this recipe, I used Cherokee Purple, Bush Goliath, Roma, and Cherry. The more color variation you have the prettier the tart.

We also used basil and thyme from our garden and sea salt from a recent trip to Bonaire. For me, cooking with special ingredients makes it more meaningful and delicious!

We are not keto in our home but thanks to my SIL, creator of Healthy Ambitions, we strive to be gluten-free when possible and keto in many cases when it’s a healthier and tastier alternative. This pastry is keto and I prefer the flavor over conventional, glutenous versions.

It’s also easier to make and had a shorter baking time. To make the pastry follow the method below in the recipe card.

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The Art of the Tomato Tart

Shape the dough into a rectangle and roll out just longer and wider than the tart pan. To make the transfer easier lift your parchment or pastry mat on one side to help fold over your rolling pin. Place over tart pan and gently roll to cover.

Tomato Tart Recipe Dough
Tomato Tart Recipe Rolling Dough
Tomato Tart Recipe Place In Pan

Press the dough down into the tart pan and fold any excess down the sides to reinforce the tart around the perimeter. Use a small knife to trim the excess level with the tart pan. I use any excess to press into thinner spots if needed.

Tomato Tart Recipe Press In Pan
Tomato Tart Recipe Trim Excess
Tomato Tart Recipe Ready To Top

Smooth Dijon on to crust (this gives a nice savory and tangy taste), top with cheese and Herbes de Provence. You can purchase the herbs or make your own.

Tomato Tart Recipe Dijon
Tomato Tart Recipe Cheese
Tomato Tart Recipe Herbs

Place tomatoes desired and refrigerate while your oven is preheating. This will make the pastry more firm and less likely to lose its shape during baking.

Tomato Tart Recipe Vegetables
Tomato Tart Recipe Baked
Tomato Tart Recipe Remnants

Make this for a special brunch, appetizer to bring with you to a dinner party or as a side to any meal. Whatever you choose you are sure to impress! I love beautiful presentations and this never disappoints. I recommend making 2 at a time, as they seem to disappear in no time!

I have more beautiful recipes to share. Stay tuned for a big announcement regarding my pandemic cooking and entertaining project.

-Shannon Dean

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The Versatile Fat Head Dough

How amazing does Shannon’s Gluten-Free Provencal Tomato Tart look?? Guys, she has made this for our family the last two weekend in a row and I gotta tell ya, it was a hit!

It’s literally the first thing gobbled up by our family and we are left fighting over the last piece.

Fat Head Dough is truly a game-changer for the keto diet. The versatility of the dough for both savory and sweet dishes makes it my absolute favorite of all the low-carb recipes I’ve discovered since adopting a ketogenic lifestyle.

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Gluten-Free Provencal Tomato Tart Recipe

Gluten-Free Provencal Tomato Tart Recipe

Yield: 8
Prep Time: 20 minutes
Cook Time: 15 minutes
Total Time: 35 minutes

This Gluten-Free Provencal Tomato Tart is a delicious way to enjoy your fresh garden tomatoes with an herb-seasoned filling enclosed in a crispy tart.



  • 1 cup gruyere cheese
  • 1 oz cream cheese
  • 1 cup almond flour
  • 1 egg
  • 1/2 tsp baking soda
  • 1-2 tsp (5-10 ml) fresh thyme or dried


  • 2 tablespoons (30 ml) of Dijon mustard
  • 1 cup (240 ml) gruyere cheese
  • 1 tsp (5 ml) Herbs de Provence
  • 3 full-sized tomatoes (Different colors, sliced. I used Cherokee Purple, Roma, and Better Boy.)
  • 5-6 cherry tomatoes (different colors, sliced)


  • Fleur de sel or sea salt, to taste
  • Freshly cracked pepper
  • 5-6 fresh basil leaves, sliced into thin ribbons



  1. Preheat oven to 425 degrees F
  2. Cover inside of tart pan with olive oil cooking spray
  3. Melt together gruyere cheese and cream cheese in microwave for 30 seconds to 1 minute. I like to stir at the 30 second mark. Once melted, stir together until blended and smooth.
  4. Add 1 egg and blend until combined.
  5. In a Pyrex measuring cup measure out almond flour, thyme and baking soda. Stir to combine and add to cheese mixture until the pastry dough forms a sticky ball.
  6. Turn out onto pastry mat or parchment and form into a rectangle.
  7. Place tart pan to the side and roll pastry out to a length just longer and wider than the tart pan. Roughly 14”x5” and 1/4” thick.
  8. Once the pastry is wide and long enough to cover the tart pan, fold half over the rolling pin for easier transfer.
  9. Press down in to pan and fold the extra dough over in to the tart tin to reinforce along the sides.
  10. Trim any pastry so that it becomes flush with the top of the tart pan.


  1. Spread Dijon mustard to cover the entire bottom of the pastry with a thin layer.
  2. Sprinkle Gruyere cheese evenly over the layer of mustard.
  3. Top the cheese with Herbs de Provence
  4. Add larger tomatoes first and alternate colors if possible. I like to line them down the center for symmetry.
  5. Fill in any gaps with cherry tomato slices, again alternating colors
  6. Add a few ribbons of fresh basil before cooking if desired.
  7. Place in refrigerator for 10-15 minutes to allow pastry to firm. After, place into preheated oven to cook.
  8. Cook in a 425F oven for about 15 minutes or until crust is a nice deep golden brown.
  9. Garnish with a sprinkle of salt, fresh pepper and fresh ribbons of basil.

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