The Best Electrolyte Supplement for the Keto Diet

Anyone new to the keto diet will quickly hear how much they need to watch their electrolytes. If you’ve suffered through the dreaded keto flu, chances are you’ve upped your electrolytes to combat the symptoms.

But what are electrolytes and why the heck do we need them?

Basically, electrolytes are minerals that create electrically charged ions when dissolved in the body.

The electrically charged ions have the capacity to conduct electricity.

We know from science class that the human body has an electrical current and it keeps things like our nervous system, heart, and other muscles functioning correctly.

Best Electrolyte Supplement Science Graphic

Until recently, I knew I needed electrolytes for my body to function correctly, but it never dawned on me that they created electricity.

Of course, now that I look and the actual word, and break it down, there is a bit of a forehead-slap moment. Duh!

Knowing this, it only makes sense that we need to keep our electrical system healthy.


The electrolytes in our bodies include:

  • Sodium (salt)
  • Potassium (Found in many vegetables, but for your Keto folks out there, foods like leafy greens, broccoli, and mushroom are a great source)
  • Calcium (Not just found in dairy, certain fish like salmon and sardines are surprisingly high in calcium!)
  • Bicarbonate (a.k.a. baking soda)
  • Magnesium (Found in dark leafy greens, nuts, avocados, and seeds are your go-to foods for this mineral)
  • Chloride (found in sea salt)
  • Phosphate (found in animal products)

A well-formulated ketogenic diet will meet all your dietary needs and keep your electrolytes in check.


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Why Do We Need an Electrolyte Supplement?

The honest truth is that we don’t NEED an electrolyte powder.

But the bigger truth is very few of us keep such a tight track on our food consumption that we ensure it’s 100% balanced.

I have a pretty good track record of eating healthy since adopting a ketogenic lifestyle and do a good job of keeping track of my macronutrients (Carbs, Fat, and Protein).

But I don’t track my MICROnutrients which include the nutrients and minerals that make our electrolytes.

When Do We Need an Electrolyte Supplement?

For athletes or anyone that sweats a lot during an intense workout, it’s a great idea to replenish your nutrients during and/or after the workout.

Best Electrolyte Supplement Man Drinking Water

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Important electrolytes like sodium and potassium are lost in sweat and your body can quickly become depleted.

For the person on a ketogenic diet, you really need to replenish your electrolytes on a daily basis, and perhaps twice a day if you also incorporate sweat-inducing workouts into your daily plan.

When we restrict carbohydrates, we produce less insulin and our glycogen stores are emptied.

As a result, we quit retaining water. This is a great thing! I mean, we all know what it feels like to retain water.

But if we aren’t retaining water, we’re flushing water. You may notice that you make more frequent trips to the bathroom on the keto diet?

As your body continually flushes the water out of your body, it takes a lot of the good vitamins and minerals, your electrolytes, with it.

The upside is less bloating from water retention…the downside is you need to replenish your electrolytes daily.

Best Electrolyte Supplement Verical

The Best Electrolyte Supplement for the Keto Diet

I’m just gonna go ahead and throw this out there. Gatorade is NOT the best option.

While Gatorade does have electrolytes, a 20-ounce serving of GatoradeThirst Quencher contains 36 grams of sugar! It will knock you out of ketosis faster than you can say…. well, ketosis!

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Gatorade has come out with a sugar-free variety, but unfortunately, it’s sweetened with sucralose which is not a natural sweetener. Plus, certain flavors contain artificial dyes, such as Yellow Die #6.

It can work in a pinch, but I would not include it as a staple in your diet.

You can always make a homemade electrolyte drink by mixing the following ingredients together.

  • 8 oz water
  • ¼ tsp pink salt
  • ¼ tsp NuSalt (potassium)
  • 1 tbsp lemon juice (optional)
  • 1 tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar (optional)

I used to mix the above ingredients together on a daily basis, and it technically did the trick by keeping my electrolytes in check.

This is by far the least expensive way to get in your electrolytes, but it’s also the grossest.

Thankfully, I have a way to get in my electrolytes that is both tasty AND good for me!

Without all the yucky ingredients from that other brand.

Enter in the arena, Key Nutrients Electrolyte Powder!

Best Electrolyte Supplement Key Nutrients Cherry

Full disclosure, Key Nutrients reached out to me earlier this year and asked if I would review their product on YouTube in exchange for a free container of their electrolyte powder.

Here is that video!


Why I Chose Key Nutrients Electrolyte Supplement

Now, oftentimes I will try a keto food product, enjoy it, and move on. I love a good keto product, but I rarely want to spend the money on the products.

Let’s face it, most keto products can be expensive.

So, for me and my family, I don’t keep a lot of keto treats as staples in my house. Instead, I reserve the indulgences for road trips and vacations.

That was until this particular electrolyte powder. I was hooked after the first drink!

It’s actually become a bit of an obsession, lol

I started with their amazing Cherry Pom flavor (It tastes like a cherry popsicle!) and quickly expanded my collection to all 5 flavors!

Best Electrolyte Supplement Key Nutrients Flavors

Y’all, it’s just that good! And my entire household agrees. Unfortunately, that also means I have to share my electrolyte powders with them.

I go into more detail about the product specs in the above video and compare it to 4 other brands of electrolyte powders: KetoLogic, Ultima, Dr. Berg, and Keto Vitals.

But for quick reference and a summary, the below graph outlines the cost per serving along with the basic nutrient profile for each brand.

Best Electrolyte Supplement Graph

You’ll notice that KetoLogic has higher percentages of Sodium and Potassium, but it also doubles the cost per serving.

Key Nutrients provides other beneficial nutrients such as Vitamin C, Biotin (hello healthy hair and skin!), and calcium that KetoLogic does not.

And similar compassions can be made with all 4 brands.

At the end of the day, I like that Key Nutrients Electrolyte Powder includes more nutrients than just the 3 primary electrolytes.

I’m terrible about taking a multi-vitamin, yet don’t hesitate to drink one (sometimes two) electrolyte drinks every day. Did I mention how yummy they are??

I feel like I’m getting my electrolytes and multi-vitamins all-in-one!


Fun Recipes with Key Nutrients Electrolyte Powders

I could just stop at the drink, but where’s the fun in that! Over the next few weeks, I have plans to make a few recipes using the different flavors of Key Nutrients Electrolyte Powders.

And of course, I will share them all with YOU!

As each recipe is created and published, I will come back here to add the links.

  • Electrolyte Gummy Bears – of course, you can make any gummy shape.
  • Electrolyte Popsicles – perfect for beating the heat!
  • Electrolyte Daiquiris – Adult hack for staying hydrated, with electrolytes, while enjoying an adult beverage.

Other Key Nutrient Products

I’ve only tried the electrolytes so far, but Key Nutrients has other products too.

  • Coffee Creamer (with collagen)
  • Exogenous Ketones
  • Natural Sleep Aid

Click here to view the Key Nutrients Product Line!

Just for fun, I used all 5 flavors of the electrolyte powders to jump in on a recent TikTok trend! Here’s the video!

@healthyambitionsClick the link in bio and swipe left to purchase KeyNutrients Electrolyte Powder! ##keto ##affiliate ##electrolytes  ##ColorCustomizer ##foodreview♬ original sound – moderndayjfk

Have you tried Key Nutrients Electrolyte Powder? Drop a comment below and let me know what your favorite flavor is!


  1. This seems like a great electrolyte. I love the Biotin in it. But FYI, if you are intermittent fasting the added Vitamin C and natural flavors will break your fast. So take them during your eating window. Also, most of the top Guru’s of Keto say that you shouldn’t take in that much calcium. Calcium should come from food and should go directly to your bones and not be floating around in your blood. So I’m a little weary of the calcium levels in this particular electrolyte powder. But the Biotin….wow! I bet it’s the Biotin that makes the liquid kind of like Jello? Anyway, thanks for the great review! I’m going to check out what the price would be for Canadian buyers.

    1. Hey Sam! You are correct about the fasting window, I always enjoy my electrolytes during my eating window. I double-checked the calcium amounts, and it’s low enough that you shouldn’t have to worry about consuming too much because it’s only about 9% of the recommended daily value. The biotin in it is what excited me the most too!

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