10 Best KETO Memes

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Fun Fact for Information Nerds! The origin of the word “meme” dates back to 1976 and was actually coined by Richard Dawkins in his book, The Selfish Gene, and has its roots in evolutionary biology. The word “meme” comes from the Greek word, “mimema”, which means imitated.

But Dawkins wanted his word to rhyme with the word “gene”, and thus, “meme” was born. I won’t bore you with the details, but if you like to fill your head with useless knowledge, you can read more about it here and here. I actually found it quite interesting.


Despite it’s more noble beginnings, memes today are part of our mainstream culture. Often used to poke fun at people or ideas, memes have evolved into one of the most viewed items on the internet and social media as a source of entertainment.

My husband and I will often answer a question over text using a meme instead of typing our answer. Silly? Yes, but it makes us laugh, lol

Making Fun of Keto

I’m a sucker for a good meme, and part of what makes memes so funny is that bit of truth rooted in the message. And the Keto diet has no shortage of funny memes!

Let me share with you,  my top 10 favorite KETO Memes. Enjoy!

1. Make yourself these Fudgy Keto Brownies, and you’ll understand what this angry bird is talking about.
2. I cannot even explain how awful the bloat actually is if you eat wheat after long-term keto. This meme is too accurate!
3. The struggle is real…
4. Oh, the dangers of bringing your spouse onboard the keto train!
5. How you’ll feel after losing weight on keto!
6. Eat fat AND lose weight? Sign me up, please!
7. Sorry, we can’t be cute like that…
8. Leaving the house be like…
9. Counting macros is serious business.
10. That increase in energy! It’s for real, y’all!

There you have it! My personal favorite keto memes from across the internet.

Have fun and Keto On!

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