Perfect Keto Mac and Cheese: Comfort Food Ketofied!

Comfort food is the best food, and Perfect Keto has ketofied one of the most comforting dishes around, mac and cheese!

The instructions are easy to follow and it brings back all the nostalgia with the powdered cheese mix you secretly miss more than you care to admit, lol

You’ll be able to enjoy all the flavors you love with none of the guilt. So dig in and indulge in some Perfect Keto Mac and Cheese today!

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Store-Bought Macaroni and Cheese has been Ketofied!

According to Perfect Keto (and I can’t find anything to the contrary), they have developed the FIRST Keto Certified Mac & Cheese.

Perfect Keto Mac and Cheese Keto Certified

What does Keto Certified mean?

The Paleo Foundation’s, Keto Certified, is the world’s first and most popular Keto Certification program, created in 2016.

The Keto Certified Standards were developed to standardize Ketogenic Diet claims on goods while also raising the quality of existing Keto diet products on the market for consumers who follow a Ketogenic Diet.

It’s important to note that there are many different keto methods out there, and what is officially considered to be “keto approved” can vary from one methodology to the other.

With that in mind, those that are Keto Purists, will not always agree with the Keto Certified label.

You can read more about the Keto Certified Standards HERE.

Ingredients for Perfect Keto’s Macaroni and Cheese

Perfect Keto Mac and Cheese comparing them vs us

Perfect Keto worked with their chefs to create the macaroni pasta from scratch to give you the premium keto dining experience.

It’s custom-made, artisan pasta. You won’t find anything else like this on the market.

The keto macaroni noodles are made from Lupin flour, an ancient legume traced back to Egypt. It’s naturally low-carb and packed with protein and fiber to keep you fuller for longer.

This high-protein elbow pasta packs 24 grams of protein to crush your carb cravings and leave you feeling full.

It’s both Gluten-Free AND Grain-Free with only 7g of net carbs and 24g of protein per serving

Macaroni Pasta Ingredients

  • Lupin Flour
  • Water
  • Sunflower Flour
  • Soluble Tapioca Fiber
  • Xanthan Gum

Cheese Seasoning Ingredients

Perfect Keto has two flavors, Yellow Cheese and White Cheddar.

Yellow Cheese Seasoning include: Dehydrated Cheddar Cheese, Milk Solids, Butter, Salt, Natural Flavors, Milkfat, Non-fat Dry Milk, Annatto Extract, Paprika Extract, Yeast Extract.

White Cheddar Seasoning include: Dehydrated Cheddar Cheese, Milk Solids, Butter, Salt, Natural Flavors, Milkfat, Non-fat Dry Milk, Sodium Phosphate, Lactic Acid Powder, Yeast Extract, Xanthan Gum.

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What are the Perfect Keto Mac & Cheese Macros?

Each  serving of Keto Mac & Cheese (as prepared) contains:

  • 7g Net Carbs : 27g Total – 20g Fiber = 7g Net Carbs
  • Added sugar: 1g (in the form of lactose from non-fat dry milk powder)
  • Fat: 5g
  • Protein: 24g
  • Calories: 290 per serving

What is Lupin Flour?

Lupin flour is a type of flour made from the lupin bean, which is a member of the legume family. It is high in protein and fiber, and it is a good source of antioxidants and minerals.

Lupin Flour has a nutty flavor and a slightly gritty texture. It can be used in place of other types of flour in baked goods, or it can be used as a thickener for soups and sauces.

Fun fact, lupin flour is available in both light and dark varieties. The light variety has a milder flavor and is more versatile. The dark variety has a stronger flavor and is best used in recipes that call for cocoa powder or espresso powder.

Is Lupin Flour Keto?

Well, there’s a debate about this in the keto community. Some say YES! Others say NO!

From a Net-Carb perspective, lupin flour is keto-friendly, and it can be used to make keto-friendly baked goods, such as brownies, muffins, and pancakes.

However, some people feel legumes do not fit into a healthy keto diet because legumes are known to be inflammatory for many people.

I personally have struggled with whether or not to make keto recipes with Lupin Flour for my audience, and here’s where I landed.

I have several recipes that include peanuts. Peanuts, as you know, are a legume. It’s probably a bit hypocritical to say peanuts are approved and Lupin flour is not.

With that said, peanuts will cause me to gain weight if eaten every day. I do, in fact, experience inflammation when I allow too many peanuts into my diet on a regular basis.

So, use your own discretion, and listen to your body. If legumes, in any form, are hindering your ability to meet or maintain your personal health goals, then you may want to limit them or eliminate them altogether.

My Thoughts on Perfect Keto Mac & Cheese

Now that I’ve given you the rundown on Perfect Keto’s Mac & Cheese and its ingredients, it’s time for my thoughts.

I was able to order 3 boxes of the Perfect Keto Mac and Cheese (yellow cheddar flavor) during the initial presale, and was more than excited to give it a try!

Perfect Keto Mac and Cheese PINTEREST

I’ll start with the positives:

The first thing I liked was how easy it is to make. The instructions are pretty straightforward and Perfect Keto has made everything as simple as possible.

If you’ve ever made a box of Kraft Mac ‘n Cheese (the powdered version), the process is identical.

It only takes a few minutes to make, which is awesome.

Second, it’s really tasty. I was surprised at how good it tasted, given that it’s both keto approved AND a store-bought mix.

With that said, I do prefer homemade macaroni and cheese and haven’t had a boxed mac ‘n cheese in many, many years. But, I grew up on boxed mac ‘n cheese, with the powdered cheese seasoning, and there was a nice nostalgia hit with this product.

The cheese flavor is spot on and the pasta was cooked perfectly…eventually, lol. The recommended time on the box is only 5-8 minutes, which wasn’t long enough. The lupin flour pasta was still too firm and a bit starchy, IMHO.

I found that rinsing the noodles before boiling them (and even soaking them for a few minutes) yielded better results. After rinsing and soaking, I also boiled them for a full 10 minutes.

Now, for the negatives:

The biggest downside is the price. Perfect Keto’s Mac & Cheese costs $6 for a small box (which contains 2 1/2 (let’s be honest, it’s realistically only 2) servings.

Compared to the original Kraft Mac ‘n Cheese, which is priced at $1.25, it’s more than 4x the cost.

That’s a bit pricey in my opinion, but then again, all specialty food is more expensive than the unhealthy versions, especially when buying processed foods versus making from scratch.

However, if you’re like me, you don’t mind spending money on higher quality food. I simply accept that as a fact of life.

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The Perfect Keto Mac and Cheese Flavors

Perfect Keto Mac and Cheese Feature

Perfect Keto Mac and Cheese is also only available in two flavors: Yellow Cheese and White Cheddar.

I would love to see them add more flavors in the future (perhaps a cheesy garlic or a three cheese blend?).

All in all, Perfect Keto’s Mac & Cheese is a delicious, keto-friendly option that is easy to make and tastes great.

I would recommend this keto product to anyone following a keto diet, or really anyone who loves mac ‘n cheese.

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