The Keyto Breath Meter: The Easiest Way to Measure Ketones!

If you’re looking for an easy way to measure your ketone levels, look no further than the Keyto Breath Meter! This innovative device removes the need for invasive and expensive blood tests and provides accurate readings of your breath acetone levels in just seconds.

With the Keyto Breath Sensor, you can stay accountable and motivated to reach your health goals, whether you’re trying to lose weight or manage a chronic condition.

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What is a ketone breath meter?

A ketone breath meter is a device that measures the level of ketones in your breath.

Ketones are produced when your body breaks down fat for energy.

Your body actually produces 3 different types of ketones!

  1. Acetoacetate is found in your urine.
  2. Acetone is found in your breath.
  3. β-hydroxybutyrate is found in your blood.

All three, acetoacetate, acetone, and β-hydroxybutyrate are types of ketones produced during fat metabolism. And all three can be tested to gauge your level of ketosis.

The Keyto Breath Meter works by measuring the amount of acetone in your breath.

Why use a ketone breath meter?

Let’s be honest, no one likes getting their finger pricked. In fact, Mr. Healthy Ambitions can’t even make himself prick his own finger! I have to do it for him…

Plus, testing your blood for ketones is not always the most convenient method, especially if you’re traveling.

A urine test is non-invasive as well, but there’s only one place you can test those ketones, and that’s in the bathroom.

With a ketone breath meter, you can test your ketone levels anytime and anywhere.

The convenience factor alone makes using a ketone breath meter worth it!

Now, a quick side note…

The teenager told me some people might mistake my Keyto Breath Sensor for a Vape, and since I don’t use a Vape, I found this quite funny!

So, if someone looks at you funny when you pull out your breath meter, just let them know you’re testing your ketones, not vaping!

Of course, they may still look at you confused.

But I digress!

How to use a ketone breath meter?

How to use the Keyto Breath Meter

Using a ketone breath meter is simple and easy. To use the Keyto Breath Meter, you simply need to:

  • Download the app and sync your ketone breath meter
  • Click “Log a Keyto Level” and turn on the breath meter
  • Let it “warm up”
  • And blow out one breath evenly into the mouthpiece for 10 seconds! (If you don’t blow for a full 10 seconds, you’ll get a message asking if you actually blew….so blow slow and steady.)

You’ll have your ketone reading in just a few seconds!

The higher your reading, the higher your ketone levels are.

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What are the benefits of using a ketone breath meter?

There are many benefits of using a ketone breath meter. Knowing your ketone levels can help you:

  • Reach your health goals: Ketone meters can help you track your progress and stay motivated to reach your health goals.
  • Manage a chronic condition: Ketone meters can help you manage a chronic condition, such as diabetes or obesity.
  • Save money: Ketone breath meters can save you money by avoiding expensive blood tests.

What are the disadvantages of using a ketone breath meter?

The results can be skewed if you have recently eaten or drank anything besides water in the last 30 minutes.

The Keyto Breath Sensor for Ketosis and Weight Loss

I’ve tried other ketone breath meters on the market and this is definitely the easiest one to use so far.

One of the other brands I tried often errored out if I didn’t blow out my breath just right, with a precise amount of force, and so I found myself having to retake the test several times in a row…slightly frustrating.

But with Keyto, it consistently provided readings each and every time!

Keyto-Breath-Meter Pinterest

Meter price: $99
Package includes: Keyto breath analyzer, 4 mouthpieces, AAA battery, carrying case

  • Instant & accurate breath acetone readings, no more keto strips!
  • Easily access actionable insights (in the app)
  • Personalized meal plans (optional on the paid subscription)
  • Delicious and easy keto-friendly recipes (optional on the paid subscription)
  • Stay accountable with the Keyto community

While Keyto has a subscription plan for the app, you do NOT need to purchase a subscription to:

  • Use the Keyto Breath Sensor
  • See past readings
  • Log your weight
  • See featured recipes
  • Track Food
  • Read a few resources

Anything that does require a paid subscription has a lock icon coving it to show it’s premium content.

Keyto does offer a 7-day FREE trial if you’d like to check out their paid features.

All in all, if you’re looking for an easy and convenient way to measure your ketone levels, I highly recommend the Keyto Breath Meter.

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