21 Easy Keto Cucumber Recipes You’ll Love

Cucumbers are more than just a crunchy salad addition. They’re a versatile ingredient that fits right into the keto lifestyle. 

Whether you’re a seasoned keto veteran or just dabbling in low-carb living, we’ve got an exciting collection of keto cucumber recipes that you’re going to love!

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Why Cucumbers are Great for Keto

One of the core principles of the keto diet is keeping those carbs at bay, and cucumbers are champions in this arena. 

With just around 2 grams of carbs per 100 grams, they provide the perfect crunch without the carb guilt. Slice ’em, dice ’em, or munch ’em whole; cucumbers are the keto-friendly snack you’ve been waiting for.

Cucumbers are about 95% water, which means they’re a hydrating powerhouse. If you’re looking for a refreshing pick-me-up in the middle of a hot day or after a vigorous workout, cucumbers have got your back. 

Plus, they fill you up without filling out your daily calorie count, making them a fantastic choice for weight loss enthusiasts.

Found in almost every grocery store and adaptable to countless culinary creations, cucumbers are your go-to ingredient for keeping meals fresh and exciting. 

They can dance through salads, shimmy into smoothies, or take the center stage in appetizers. The options are endless, and they are waiting to be a staple in your keto kitchen.

Keto Cucumber Appetizers and Snacks

Whether you’re hosting a get-together or simply craving something crunchy and delicious, cucumbers are here to steal the show. 

#1. Keto Lox and Cream Cheese Cucumber Rolls

Keto Lox and Cream Cheese Cucumber Rolls

These Lox and Cream Cheese Cucumber Rolls from This Mom’s Menu are a beautifully simple yet sophisticated appetizer. 

This recipe takes the classic combo of lox and cream cheese, rolls it in thin cucumber ribbons, and offers a perfect keto-friendly bite. 

Elegant enough for dinner parties yet straightforward for everyday snacking, these cucumber rolls are your ticket to a refreshing, savory treat. 

Head over to This Mom’s Menu for the full recipe!

#2. Homemade Pickles with Leftover Pickle Juice


Why let leftover pickle juice go to waste when you can create your very own batch of Homemade Pickles with it? The Short Order Cook presents a smart and tasty solution that’s as eco-friendly as it’s delicious. 

This recipe takes your remaining pickle juice and turns it into a flavorful brine for fresh cucumbers. In just a few simple steps, you’ll have crisp and tangy pickles that taste like they’re straight from the artisan’s jar. 

Visit The Short Order Cook for the detailed how-to!

#3. Keto Cucumber Salsa


Looking for a vibrant and refreshing twist on salsa? The Fresh and Crispy Cucumber Salsa recipe at The Belly Rules The Mind takes the classic dip to a whole new level. 

Featuring crunchy cucumbers at its core, this salsa blends the crisp freshness of veggies with a zesty lime and herb dressing. 

It’s a dance of flavors in your mouth, perfect for keto dieters or anyone seeking a light and tangy accompaniment. Easy to whip up and packed with nutrition, this cucumber salsa is an absolute must-try. 

Head over to The Belly Rules The Mind for the full recipe, and get ready to dazzle your taste buds!

#4. Keto Summer Sausage Cucumber Bites with Cream Cheese Mousse


The Keto Summer Sausage Cucumber Bites with Cream Cheese Mousse from The Keto Queens are a delightful culinary creation that you’ll want to savor again and again. 

This recipe combines the rich and savory flavor of summer sausage with the fresh crunch of cucumber, all topped with a silky cream cheese mousse. 

For a snack that’s sure to impress both visually and on the taste buds, visit The Keto Queens to find the full recipe and start enjoying these flavorful bites today!

#5 Keto Smoked Salmon Cucumber Bites


These appetizers artfully pair the smoky richness of salmon with the cool crispness of cucumber, creating a bite-sized sensation that’s not only pleasing to the palate but also keto-friendly. 

Topped with a dollop of herbed cream cheese and garnished with fresh dill, they’re a feast for the eyes as well. 

Find the full recipe on Flavour and Savour!

Keto Cucumber Salads

Salads don’t have to be mundane, especially when cucumbers are in the mix! These salads bring together the simple goodness of cucumbers with flavors and textures that fit right into the keto lifestyle..

#6. Keto Moroccan Cucumber Salad With Mint


Take a culinary journey to North Africa with the Moroccan Cucumber Salad Recipe from Food Drink Destinations. This refreshing salad combines the cool crunch of cucumbers with the vibrant flavors of Moroccan cuisine. 

Featuring a blend of fresh herbs, tangy lemon juice, and exotic spices, it’s a side dish that’s bursting with character and zest. 

Keto-friendly and perfect for anyone seeking a touch of international flair, this Moroccan Cucumber Salad offers a unique twist on a classic favorite. 

Head to Food Drink Destinations for the full recipe!

#7. Keto Cucumber Carrot and Radish Salad


Refreshment and crunch meet in perfect harmony with the Cucumber, Carrot, and Radish Salad featured on Bite on the Side. 

This salad is a vibrant medley of fresh vegetables that dance together to create a delightful side dish. Crisp cucumbers, sweet carrots, and zesty radishes are tossed in a light and tangy dressing that enhances their natural flavors. 

Find the full recipe on Bite on the Side and enjoy a bite of freshness today!

#8. Keto Korean Spicy Cucumber Salad (Oi Muchim)


Add a splash of Korean flavor to your table with the Easy Korean Spicy Cucumber Salad Recipe, also known as Oi Muchim, featured on Recipe Mash. 

This salad is a tantalizing mix of crisp cucumbers and fiery Korean spices, creating a side dish that’s both refreshing and invigorating. It’s a wonderful way to enjoy cucumbers with a twist, offering a combination of textures and flavors that are bold and satisfying. 

Head to Recipe Mash for the full recipe and spice up your culinary repertoire with this exciting Korean-inspired salad!

#9. Keto Tomato Cucumber Salad with Feta Cheese


Bright, fresh, and bursting with flavor, the Cucumber, Tomato, Feta Salad from Cupcakes and Kale Chips is a joyful celebration of simple ingredients coming together in perfect harmony. 

Crisp cucumbers, juicy tomatoes, and creamy feta cheese are tossed together with a light dressing that highlights the natural goodness of the vegetables. 

Visit Cupcakes and Kale Chips for the full recipe and enjoy this delightful fusion of freshness and flavor in your next meal!

#10. Keto Sumac Cucumber Salad


Embrace the bold and tangy flavor of sumac with the Sumac Cucumbers recipe from Rachna Cooks. 

This unique and simple dish transforms crisp cucumbers into a flavorful delight, thanks to the zesty touch of sumac. 

The spice lends a citrusy undertone that elevates the freshness of the cucumbers, creating a side dish that’s both invigorating and satisfying. 

Head to Rachna Cooks for the full recipe and bring a taste of adventure to your table!

#11. Keto Cucumber Peanut Salad

Keto Cucumber Peanut Salad

Introducing a delightful combination of textures and flavors with the Cucumber Peanut Salad from VegCookBook. 

This refreshing salad brings together the cool crispness of cucumbers and the satisfying crunch of roasted peanuts. 

Lightly spiced and garnished with fresh herbs, it offers a well-balanced taste that’s both comforting and invigorating. 

Visit VegCookBook for the full recipe and enjoy a fresh take on cucumbers and peanuts!

#12. Keto Cucumber Salad with Red Onion


Looking for a refreshing side dish that’s simple yet delightful? The Cucumber Salad Recipe from The Forked Spoon offers just that. 

Featuring fresh cucumbers thinly sliced and tossed in a delicate and tangy dressing, this salad is the epitome of crisp refreshment. 

With the added touch of fresh herbs and optional garnishes, you can easily customize it to suit your tastes.

Visit The Forked Spoon for the full recipe, and bring this refreshing dish to your next meal!

#13. Keto Asian Cucumber Salad


Infuse your table with the exciting flavors of the East with the Asian Cucumber Salad from The Belly Rules The Mind. 

This crisp and refreshing salad combines cucumbers with a lively dressing infused with ingredients like soy sauce, sesame oil, and rice vinegar. 

The result is a dish that tingles the taste buds with its blend of savory, tangy, and slightly sweet notes.

Head over to The Belly Rules The Mind for the full recipe!

#14. Keto Cucumber Avocado Salad


Enjoy the refreshing combination of cucumbers and avocados with the Cucumber Avocado Salad from Dishing Out Health. 

This keto-friendly salad is a blend of crisp cucumbers and creamy avocados, tossed in a light dressing that enhances their natural flavors. It’s a delightful side dish that offers a unique balance of textures and tastes. 

Find the full recipe on Dishing Out Health and enjoy this fresh and tasty salad today!

#15. Keto Tajin Cucumber Salad


Experience a zesty twist with the Tajín Cucumber Salad from Joy Filled Eats. Featuring crisp cucumbers sprinkled with Tajín seasoning, this keto-friendly salad is both refreshing and invigorating. 

The blend of chili, lime, and sea salt adds a lively kick that takes cucumbers to a whole new level. Easy to prepare and sure to be a hit, this salad is a flavorful addition to any table. 

Visit Joy Filled Eats for the full recipe and start enjoying this vibrant dish!

#16. Keto Cucumber Edamame Salad with Sesame-Ginger Dressing


Add a touch of green to your table with the Edamame Salad from Dishing Out Health. This refreshing salad combines edamame with cucumbers and other fresh ingredients, creating a crunchy and delightful dish. 

Simple to make yet full of taste, this Edamame Salad is a wonderful way to enjoy wholesome ingredients. 

Find the full recipe on Dishing Out Health!

#17. Keto Sesame Peanut Cucumber Noodle Salad 


Get ready to twist your way to a refreshing meal with the Cucumber Noodle Salad from This Mom’s Menu. 

Spiralized cucumbers take center stage, paired with a tangy dressing and additional veggies to create a light and satisfying dish. 

Keto-friendly and brimming with flavor, this unique salad offers a fun and nutritious way to enjoy cucumbers. 

Visit This Mom’s Menu for the full recipe, and give a whole new spin to your salad experience!

Keto Cucumber Entrees

Who said cucumbers are just for salads? In this next section, we’re taking cucumbers to the main course! These Keto Cucumber Entrées showcase how this crisp and refreshing ingredient can be a star in heartier dishes. 

#18. Keto and Vegan Cucumber Soup


Chilled and refreshing, the Vegan Cucumber Soup from Eating Works is a unique entrée that showcases cucumbers in a whole new light. 

This creamy soup combines cucumbers with avocados and fresh herbs, resulting in a dish that’s as pleasing to the palate as it is to the eye. 

Visit Eating Works for the full recipe, and get ready to ladle up something wonderfully different!

#19. Keto Cold Cucumber Soup

keto cucumber cold soup

Here’s another delightful soup to tantalize your taste buds: Cold Cucumber Soup from What a Girl Eats. This chilled dish embraces the crisp and refreshing nature of cucumbers, blending them into a smooth and elegant soup. 

Perfect for a hot day or a refined appetizer, this keto-friendly recipe offers a different take on enjoying cucumbers. 

Visit What a Girl Eats for the full recipe!

#20. Keto Tuna Salad Cucumber Boats


Set sail on a culinary adventure with the Tuna Salad Cucumber Boat from Emily Kyle Nutrition.

 This entrée takes a fresh approach to tuna salad by serving it inside crisp cucumber boats. The combination of flavorful tuna salad and crunchy cucumbers creates a satisfying and keto-friendly dish. 

It’s a fun and creative way to enjoy cucumbers and tuna together, perfect for a light lunch or a whimsical dinner. 

Visit Emily Kyle Nutrition for the full recipe!

Keto Cucumber Detox Drink

Ready to refresh, rejuvenate, and rehydrate? These recipes showcase the hydrating power of cucumbers, turning them into delicious beverages that not only align with your keto lifestyle but also provide a cleansing boost.

#21. Keto Detox Lemon Mint Cucumber Ginger Water


Quench your thirst and give your body a cleansing boost with the Lemon Mint Cucumber Ginger Water from Eating Works. 

This revitalizing drink combines the freshness of cucumbers with zesty lemon, fragrant mint, and a hint of ginger. 

Together, they create a keto-friendly detox drink that’s as flavorful as it is refreshing. Perfect for sipping throughout the day or serving at gatherings, this beverage is more than just water; it’s a wellness experience in a glass. 

Visit Eating Works for the full recipe, and elevate your hydration game!

Tips and Tricks to Make the Most of Cucumbers

Practical Advice for Selecting and Storing Cucumbers:

  • Look for cucumbers that are firm to the touch and have a vibrant green color.
  • Store them in the crisper drawer of the refrigerator to keep them fresh longer.
  • Keep them away from fruits that produce ethylene gas, like tomatoes and bananas, to prevent premature ripening.

Suggestions for Other Keto-Friendly Ingredients that Pair Well with Cucumbers:

  • Avocados: Add creaminess to salads and dips.
  • Feta Cheese: Brings tangy flavor to cucumber dishes.
  • Fresh Herbs (like dill, mint, or basil): Enhance the flavor of cucumber-centric recipes.

Cucumbers are an amazingly versatile ingredient that aligns perfectly with the keto lifestyle. From refreshing appetizers to satisfying entrées, these recipes have shown the endless possibilities that cucumbers offer. 

We hope you feel inspired to try these dishes and even come up with your own unique variations. 

Feel free to share your favorite cucumber recipes in the comments section – we’d love to see your creations!

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