5 Best Workout Apps to Help you Achieve Your Fitness Goals

Developing an effective program for working out on keto can be difficult…especially if you are not a personal trainer. But luckily in today’s information age, we have access to a multitude of resources to aid us in our fitness goals that are way less expensive than hiring a professional trainer…and some of those resources are even FREE 😉

I’ve tested out several apps, both paid and free throughout the years, and the five I’m outlining below are what I consider the top and best workout apps you should check out!

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Bodyspace by Bodybuilding.com / FREE

Bodyspace app

With Bodyspace, you get to choose from thousands of workouts created by bodybuilding.com trainers or the Bodyspace community. In other words, you get access to workouts created by regular, everyday folks, that want to share what’s worked for them. You can sort by fitness level, muscle groups, gender preference, number of days a week, and duration of plan (one week, four weeks, twelve weeks, etc.…)

In addition to workouts, the app works as a fitness tracker, saving your workout programs and workout data. It even tracks how much weight and how many reps you performed on a specific exercise previously, which is great information to have so you may gauge your progress! This app is available for apple and android devices.

Itunes / GooglePlay

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All Access by Bodybuilding.com / Subscription Based

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Bodybuilding.com’s All Access program takes your BodySpace workout to the next level. With access to over 60 training plans from the fitness industry’s leading trainers, you can’t help but succeed.

This app provides a program for every goal. Weight loss, Muscle gain, HIIT, Cardio, Powerlifting, and much more.

Additional features include exercise and workout tracking, expert training advice, meal planning, recipes & nutrition, supplement recommendations and discounts on bodybuilding.com’s store products. It’s a one-stop-shop for all things fitness! You can access this app on your apple device, android device, or PC.

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Workout by Fitness22 / FREE with Upgrade to Premium Option

The Fitness22 brand is known for amazing workout apps such as 5k Runner, Pushups Workout, Abs Workout, and Yoga….just to name a few.

Their motto is “Fitness Made Simple”, and they certainly deliver.

You can choose from pre-loaded workout plans or build your own using the muscle group feature, which allows you to look up exercises by specific muscle group. How cool is that? This app is available for apple and android devices.

Itunes / GooglePlay

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Gymaholic by Devenyi Gabor / FREE with Options to purchase additional features

Gymaholic is super cool because it integrates augmented reality with the app’s Avatar. You can set the avatar to represent your gender, height, and body fat percentage, then change the specs as you progress. Your avatar and virtual trainer also demonstrates how to perform each exercise in your workout routine.

You can choose from preloaded workouts (beginner, intermediate, and advanced) or build your own workouts from the exercise list provided for each muscle group. While the app is initially free, to access additional exercises, there is a nominal fee…but! You have the option to cherry pick the features you want to buy. It’s a fun AND functional workout app! Unfortunately, it is only available in the iTunes store.


Nike Training Club by Nike, Inc. / FREE

Nike Training Club (NTC) offers 185+ free workouts including strength, yoga, endurance, and flexibility. With so many short workouts, no-equipment workouts and athletic workouts to choose from, you’ll be able to find time to work out anywhere, anytime.

The app is intuitive too! As you work out with NTC, the app learns your preferences and will make recommendations to you based on your workout history. Nifty, huh? This app is available for both apple and android devices.

Itunes / GooglePlay

Final Thoughts

There are a plethora of options out there to assist you in your fitness goals, but the five listed above are my personal favorites. I’ve used them all and would recommend them all.

Free apps are awesome and great if you don’t have the extra money to spend, but as with all things, when you pay for a premium version, you will have access to more comprehensive features.

Do you have a favorite workout app to add to this list? Comment below to tell me about it. I’d love to check it out!

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