FUN! Keto Cocktails  for Summer


You will get intoxicated faster on keto. This is because the alcohol metabolizes much faster while you’re doing the keto diet.  Therefore, it’s even more important that you drink responsibly – use a designated driver, or drink at home!

Tequila Spritzer 

Infuse the ice cubes to add natural flavors, and then some high quality tequila and seltzer water.

Jalapeno Basil Moscow Mule 

A spicy and fresh twist on the classic cocktail!

Brandy Alexander Cocktail

It’s a sugar-free and low-carb chocolaty party in your mouth!  

Can you imagine summer without lemonade? Me neither!  

Vodka Lemonade

A fun birthday cake-flavored alcoholic drink that you will love with a secret ingredient – cake batter extract.  

Birthday Cake Milkshake

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